Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire 2013

There are now close to 100 Mini Maker Faires across the country, several of which are in easy reach of me in Columbus. I’ve been a part of the Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire since their first, three years ago. Just like our own Columbus Mini Maker Faire is put on by our local maker space and our hands-on science museum, so too with Hack Pittsburgh and the Childrens Museum of Pittsburgh.

As usually happens, I spend my time at my table, talking about 3D Printing and our monthly 3D Printing meetups, so it’s always a challenge to get out and see the rest of the Faire and take pictures and meet the other Makers (one of great things about the scale of the NYC World Maker Faire is the Friday night mixer where we get to mingle and chat before the eager crowds arrive). Eventually, I do manage to sneak away for a whirlwind tour of the rest of the show, but what little I see leaves me eager to see more.

Here then, are a few pictures of this year’s Faire:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next Columbus Mini Maker Faire is Sunday, 13 October, 2013, from noon to 6P, at COSI. Admission is free to all.

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