JW002 8×24 LCD display with keypad

JW002 8x24 LCD display with keypad

One of my ongoing Maker projects is adding drivers and clients to LCDproc. I repurposed an industrial enclosure to mount a JW002 8×24 LCD display inside and replicated the keypad with blue prototyping board and point-to-point wiring. The “keys” are socket head cap screws ground down to the base of the cap head and held in place with home-made plastic washers punched out of a margarine tub lid.

The display is showing the output of the XMMS client that I hacked to support extracting the date field from the song’s ID3 tag and displaying it with “BIGNUMs”.

jw002 in open enclosure

Inside the box is the Hyundai HG-12603-A LCD panel (with the “JW002” firmware) attached to a point-to-point soldered MAX232 RS-232 level converter circuit. The keypad (not in view) attaches to the reddish-brown connector on the bottom of the blue board.

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